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Second Life Market Size ? Growth is Slow/Flat LL Leaves Door Open for New Virtual World Competitors
Looking at November Linden data on SL market activity and have some analysis:
** Also interesting to see that despite 3.0 million new residents from July to Nov total month hours are not increasing that much, in fact are flat to down:

july — 23.6 million hours online, aug 23.4, sep 24.1, oct 25.9, nov 24.6

** Anecdotally, Linden still seems to have a very weak/non-existent marketing effort. General news on SL seems downbeat, several mainstream press call is SL Fatigue. Not a bad story in BBC, but good news still dogged by uncertainty over Cory CTO departure. Add that to Pontiac, AOL leaving and CSI delivering way under expectations and seems like SL growth will be sluggish into early 2008.
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Written by The Purple Lara

December 24, 2007 at 10:16 PM

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