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Louis Vuitton sending a mixed message?

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What shoes are to some women, handbags are to me. Handbags offer me the ability to micro organize myself. Organization is one of those skills that comes naturally to me so handbags are appealing.

I was perusing Technorati when I saw a link to The Bag Snob. Now, I do not have to tell you I could not click fast enough. To my delight, The Bag Snob turned out to be a pretty cool site.

Here is an image that caught my attention. It is Keith Richards posing for Louis Vuitton. Huh? Ok, I know I am an average woman. I know there is no way in this world Louis Vuitton wants us common folk to be caught dead with their high hoity toity bags. However, how can you chose Keith Richards?

Do they want potential purchasers to say “I want the bag that is older than dirt”? or how about, “I’ll take the stodgiest bag you have. Yes. The Louis Vuitton.”

I guess Louis Vuitton was not going for the trendy shopper this season.carry-bag.jpg

Written by The Purple Lara

March 5, 2008 at 1:06 AM

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