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Who recommended: Lynne Waymon

What I am reading: Make Your Contacts Count (Networking Know-How For Business and Career Success) by Anne Baber and Lynne Waymon

Where in the book: page 66

Why I am reading: Learning how to network. Cause believe me, I have no CLUE!

Which quote: “Brighten up body language.  Engage your partner.”

How this quote adjusted my thinking:

In social situations, I wonder if I am making eye contact?  Am I smiling?  Do I look approachable? Receptive?  When I read the advice, the defensive side of me says  “Yeah, yeah , yeah. I get it. I can do that.”  If I let my defenses down, I have to ask myself, how comfortable am I really?

Tina Su of Think Simple Now blog writes in her post 8 Keys To Instant Charisma about how to mirror the person you are speaking with.  Tina explains:

“Mirroring happens naturally in social interactions, but when you are conscious of it and are aware of its affects, it can be used as a tool in effective communication for generating rapport.”

Tina gives you a detailed description just like Lynne. At the end of Tina’s post,  I had to chuckle.  She says “Just be yourself.”  What if “being myself” isn’t working?  LOL Ok. Back to “Make Your Contacts Count.”

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