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Gave another try

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Ever hopeful I went back to again. This time I clicked on the single player games. To my delight I was able to play a couple of games.

The games I chose looked to be interesting from the menu. However were a little rudimentary in play. It is interesting what you get accustomed to using as a gamer that a developer might not remember. Like the quit key. Or the I am bored and want to return to the main menu so I can choose another game button.

Some of the games looked like knock off renditions of Playfirst Games. I am a frequent Playfirst gamer. WOW..if Playfirst added the interactive element NOW that would be gamer heaven!ppl-play-checkers.jpg

Written by The Purple Lara

March 7, 2008 at 11:05 PM

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I was reading techcrunch for a client of mine.  I saw a post for how online games are updating themselves.  The post mentioned  Considering I sit smack dab in the middle of their demographics I was beside myself eager to give it a try.

Only it is still in beta. Thanks to techcruch I was able to use an invitation. Only didn’t like my browser.  I have about three browsers I use so switching didn’t bother me. Only the AutoUpdater didn’t like my operating system. Well phooey. I only run one operating system.  I consider myself somewhat technically savvy but I do have my limitations.

I am not dismayed. I have submitted my support ticket.  I am waiting for a reply or update or os compatibility or whatever game developers do to make the world right. I have that feeling I get when it is December 1.  You can see the presents in the window but you know you can’t have them until (insert December holiday of  your choice)  🙂woman-comp-game.jpg

Written by The Purple Lara

March 7, 2008 at 12:09 AM