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Tips for building confidence

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How to Build Confidence
As long as I’ve worked with, trained, and improved sales people, the number one focus for success has been their confidence. More important than any sales tactic is how each sales person feels about themselves. Simply put, people sell to their level of esteem. Here, then, are key areas to improve your team’s confidence and esteem:
Knowing you: Sales people who want to improve their mediocre performance must begin by understanding themselves.
Knowing the company: And by knowing the company, they must know the people. One of the key areas of team building is knowing and embracing the people around them everyday.
Knowing the customer: Author and businessman, Harvey McKay, wrote a list of 64 things you should know about your client to really be effective
Knowing the product: Become an expert on your product.
Set your vision: Set a vision of where you want to go. When anyone has a burning vision of what they want out of life, small set backs remain small.
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January 30, 2008 at 8:13 AM

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