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Defining Networking Allies

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Who recommended:  Lynne Waymon


What I am reading:  Make Your Contacts Count (Networking Know-How For Business and Career Success) by Anne Baber and Lynne Waymon



Where in the book: page 42


Why I am reading: Learning how to network. Cause believe me, I have no CLUE!


Which quote: “Develop  Your Relationships-Six Stages- Allies= People who are experts on you, your business, your career, your needs, your aspirations and your vision.”


How this quote adjusted my thinking:      

Now I know I am too early in my business to have established these relationships.  While examining the relationships I do have established, I realize I am not an ally for anyone-yet. Having this book guide me gives me the road map I need to keep my networking as well as my business on track.


In these times it is so overwhelming to sift through all the business advice and opportunities.  It is so easy to get side tracked and derailed from your business objectives or even your personal objectives.  I like how this book gives me the vocabulary and a framework to keep focused.

Written by The Purple Lara

April 3, 2008 at 9:22 AM

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