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Who recommended:  Cristina Favreau, The Savvy Entrepreneur


What I am reading:  Get Clients Now by C.J. Hayden



Where in the book: page 26


Why I am reading: To make the most of my marketing


Which quote: “How do clients usually select a service like mine?’  If your immediate answer is  ‘by referral,’ you will probably find advertising to be a waste of money.”


How this quote adjusted my thinking:

There are moments when I think: “I should advertises like that!”  As I glance at  the slick ad that caught my eye, I ask myself, “Did the company who paid for the ad get my business?”  My response is almost always no.  If advertising does not effect me when I am a customer, then what makes me think advertising will benefit my business?

Written by The Purple Lara

March 18, 2008 at 12:38 PM

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