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Who recommended:  Cristina Favreau, The Savvy Entrepreneur


What I am reading:  Get Clients Now by C.J. Hayden



Where in the book: page 53


Why I am reading: To make the most of my marketing


Which quote: “Start visualizing specifically what you want and put it in writing.”


How this quote adjusted my thinking:      I excel in visualizing what I want.  I fail to write it down.  I am not sure why writing down what I want is intimidating.  It is probably fear of success and an unwillingness to face the thought of failure.  You know what I want? I want it all and more. I want:

* an income so I can live a comfortable middle class lifestyle

* My children to go to college – w/o loans – tuition & books completely paid for by me

* to pay for Lauren’s college education

* to pay off my CC debt

* to pay off my HELOC

* a new laptop w/Verizon air card so I can have internet access any where

* a personal trainer

* a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes

* Michael Kors handbag

* Blackberry

* a dress from House of Nyla

* dinner at Burns

* a week at the Greenbrier

* my yard landscaped

* my backyard fenced

* my garage organized w/the professional organizing system

* new carpet in my house

* interior walls of my house professionally painted

* high end counter top

* my home office redecorated

Written by The Purple Lara

March 24, 2008 at 7:06 PM

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